Borrowed From the Boys: Men’s Jewelry Everyone Wants to Wear



Todd Reed men's textured gold band

Todd Reed

Lately, stylish men have more options than ever. Shoes are getting more colorful, sleek suits more refined, and the jewelry? Abundant, to say the least. So naturally, we ladies want our share of their fashions. A good oversize sweater, slouchy pants, or soft T-shirt? Want them. An irresistibly chunky ring, thick gold chain, or even a pair of cufflinks? Pile those on, too. Because as the lines between men’s and women’s fashions continue to blur, we welcome any new and exciting gender-bending style. 


West coast Jewelry Crucible 24" chain necklace

West Coast Jewelry




Kaura Jewels Shield cufflinks

Kaura Jewels

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West Coast Jewlery Crucible double dogtag necklace

West Coast Jewelry


The holidays tend to be big for men’s jewelry sales, so it’s a good time to stock up on the new collections for him now. And if you want to get a head start on the fall season, consider putting together a showcase—either in-store or online—of borrowed-from-the-boys styles. It’s an important trend to be on top of, and it may help to move some of the men’s jewelry that maybe the dudes aren’t going for or haven’t picked up on yet. If the men in your town don’t tend to be quite as fashion-forward as guys in other places, or if they really just don’t wear a whole lot of jewelry—we ladies will wear it for them, won’t we?

Italgem Steel Comete leather bracelet

Italgem Steel

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First Image Design men's yellow diamond ring

First Image Design



Martini Schmuckzeit fleur de lis men's necklace

Martini Schmuckzeit



Need some help getting it into your showcase, or looking for something specific? Email me.

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