Big, Bold Chains Are Trending on Instagram

I’m still very much into small, delicate jewelry objects: a sparkling, barely there chain and tiny, blink-and-you-miss-them stud earrings. But I’m starting to get the feeling that might change come fall.

Don’t put away your bijou baubles just yet—I think that look is in it for the long haul—but do get ready to go big with your next jewelry order. Bold, gold looks are cropping up everywhere I look, and as I scroll through my Instagram feed, I’m noticing that the trend is particularly focused on necklaces. More specifically, chain necklaces.

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I remember when I was probably around 13 or 14, you absolutely had to have a gold chain. The style wasn’t quite as large as the look that’s popular at the moment, but the idea was the same. I’d beg my mom to take me to the mall so I could make a break for Piercing Pagoda—the absolute place to purchase a gold chain, obviously.

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The chunky chain look is abundant in bracelets, too, and some are even styling the necklaces wrapped multiple times around the wrist. And for those who aren’t totally in love with yellow gold, I’m seeing a proper amount in white—it brings me back to that time when the Return to Tiffany chain necklaces were the must-have jewel of the moment, and to be honest, I’m not mad about that (it makes me nostalgic, I guess).

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Via: @somethingnavy

Like those Tiffany & Co. pieces, some of the designs popularized by Instagram’s biggest influencers feature nameplate-style accents, while others you may see adorned with a single pendant or charm.

Via: @wwd

Bottom line: It doesn’t really matter what kind of chain jewelry you stock this fall—just be sure that you have it. Just like your customers, there’s a wide array of different types, suited to many budgets and tastes.

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