25 of the Best Jewelry-Related Reads of 2019

As I do every year, I would like to spotlight my favorite articles from 2019 on jewelry and related industries and topics that did not appear on JCKonline.

And once again, let me apologize in advance for leaving out many excellent pieces and writers from this roundup, including from those in the trade press.

In any case, I hope the following gives everyone plenty to sink their teeth into over the winter break and food for thought for the new year (and decade). Happy reading!




– Why Black Friday is bad for business.


– Retail’s big problem: The vanishing middle class.


Vanity Fair looks at Eddie Lampert’s tenure at Sears.


– Why Barneys went bust.




– Steve Dennis: Retail apocalypse? Maybe it’s time to worry about a disrupter meltdown.


The New Yorker: Can Amazon be stopped?


– Woman makes money “selling” her Amazon reviews.


Diamonds and Gems


– Benn Harvey-Walker looks at the “diamond world at war.”


– How do you responsibly close a diamond mine?


– How “a cache of diamonds” led to Trump impeachment battle.


– The Daily Beast reviews the curse of the Hope Diamond.




The New York Times: The  “hidden cost” of gold mining.


– The New Yorker looks at “blood gold” in the Brazilian rain forest.


– Jihadists are gaining control of the African gold trade.


– The Guardian looks at the buried “cities of gold” in Africa.


– Gold miner wrote its own environmental report.


– The history of gold teeth.




– The rise and fall of a jewel theft crew.


EW does a deep dive on the 2013 jewel theft at Cannes.


Vanity Fair looks at a 2007 jewel heist at Harry Winston.




– Forbes profiles Bernard Arnault, head of LVMH, new owner of Tiffany.


– Woman comes to terms with her engagement ring.


– Fashion’s enduring “mental health epidemic.”


– The era of branded engagements: Influencer’s “surprise engagement” pitched  to advertisers.


– A look at Andy Warhol’s jewelry collection.


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