Beryl Raff, Howard Hauben, and Bromberg Family to Receive AGS Distinction

The American Gem Society will recognize the 2013 Circle of Distinction Honorees on July 30 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

Recipients of the awards include:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Beryl Raff, chairman and CEO of Helzberg Diamonds
  • The Triple Zero Awards: Howard Hauben, CEO of Centurion, and the Bromberg family, of Bromberg Jewelers in Alabama, and Underwood Jewelers in Florida

“The 2013 recipients are all well-deserving of this honor,” Ruth Batson, CEO of the American Gem Society and AGS Laboratories, said in a statement. “Each has made a tremendous contribution throughout their career and we are proud to recognize their accomplishments.”

For more information on the event, contact Christina Davila at 866-805-6500 x1005 or email