Bernie Robbins Offers Free Super Bowl Tickets With Ring Purchase

When the Philadelphia Eagles play the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII this Sunday, Harvey Rovinsky, CEO of four-store Bernie Robbins Jewelers, will be among the Eagles fans watching the game from the stands. And he just might be joined by one of his customers.

Rovinsky has Eagles season tickets but also received a second pair to watch the game from the 45 yard line. His first instinct was to sell them, but then he decided to offer a football fan’s dream deal: The first customer who buys a ring worth $50,000 or more, also gets the tickets.

“People are going to buy the ring anyway, so why not buy it from me to get the opportunity of the lifetime?” he says.

So far, there haven’t been any takers, but it’s only been a day. Still, with the game dominating the local news, Robbins’ offer has already scored a publicity touchdown.

“We have been on two of our TV stations, and three local papers,” he says. “I think the [Philadelphia] Inquirer is going to carry it tomorrow. I can’t afford to buy that.”

“This is the biggest thing to happen to Philadelphia since the Liberty Bell cracked,” he adds. “The city is on fire. It’s a way to capitalize on the biggest story in Philadelphia.”

There is no stipulation that the couple has to get engaged at the game. But Rovinsky would love to see that happen.

“Everything is about romance, it’s about the story,” he says. “Can you imagine telling your children or grandchildren you were engaged at the first Eagles Super Bowl win? And I guarantee you they will win.

“Jewelry is for happy occasions,” he says. “If I can give you a beautiful ring, and tickets to the Super Bowl, I can help in two ways.”

(Image courtesy of Bernie Robbins)

JCK News Director