Bench Jewelers Passion Award

The fourth annual Bench Jewelers Passion Award Design Competition will be held in conjunction with the Bench Jewelers Conference & Expo April 24 – 27, 2008 in Los Angeles. The competition is open to all professional bench jewelry artist and designers actively involved in the design and production of jewelry. The contest consists of two divisions, one for finished jewelry and one for CAD renderings.

All jewelry submitted for the finished jewelry division must be original and must be designed and made by the jeweler entering the contest. No trade shops or other jewelers can work on the piece of jewelry. The finished jewelry division categories are: men’s jewelry, ladies rings, ladies jewelry other than rings, laser fabricated jewelry, and a category for jewelry that was designed by a Design Team.

All renderings in the CAD rendering division must be original and created by the jeweler entering the contest using 3D computer software. The jewelry rendered must be able to be made by a jeweler using reasonable skills. The CAD renderings division categories are: men’s jewelry, ladies rings, and ladies jewelry other than rings.

Jewelers may enter both divisions and may enter one piece per category in up to three categories in each Division. Photographs of the finished jewelry or CAD renderings must be submitted over the Internet with a completed entry form. Entry fees must be paid with a credit card at time of entry.  To submit entries log onto:

First and second place will be awarded in each category. All Passion Award winners will receive a trophy, cash award, and publicized in trade publications. Winners will be announced on Friday April 25, 2008, during the Bench Jewelers Conference & Expo. Jewelers entering the contest are encouraged to attend; however, attendance at the Bench Jewelers Conference & Expo is not necessary to enter the contest or to win an award.  In addition, a Jewelers Choice Award will be presented on Sunday April 27, 2008.  Jewelers attending the Bench Jewelers Conference and Expo will select the Jewelers Choice recipient from among the Passion Award winners.