ever wanted to make your smartphone sparkle? here’s how. 

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Bejeweled Electronics: Today’s Must-Have Accessories

Today, the bulky desktop computer and landline telephone are things of the past. In this era of mobile technology, a staggering spectrum of electronic devices stands ready to accompany us throughout our daily routines of work and play. Consider that this array includes not only the classic laptop, various pads and tablets, and the ubiquitous smartphone, but also diverse MP3 players, earbuds, docking stations, and other Bluetooth options such as speakers. Each of these objects, in turn, presents the consumer with a unique opportunity for expressing individuality through customization. The electronics industry has quickly responded by transforming some of these devices into the ultimate bejeweled accessories.

Ever on trend, Swarovski’s Components program is the perfect solution for the current needs and desires of consumer electronics designers. The Presetting (plastic or metal versions), Gemotion, and Jewelchain applications are the ideal way to set Swarovski Genuine Gemstones and Created Stones in the historically impossible or extremely difficult materials most often associated with wearable technology: plastic, stainless steel, titanium, and leather. The program has the advantage of being quick, easy, and cost-effective—creating beautifully adorned, luxury accessories perfectly matched to today’s glittering lifestyles.

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