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How I Got Here: Beauvince’s Komal Bajaj Sankar on Her Path Back to Jewelry


Beauvince Jewelry’s Komal Bajaj Sankar grew up surrounded by diamonds, which might sound like a jeweler’s dream. She’s from a family that works with these one-of-a-kind stones every day; for her, discussing diamonds at the dinner table was as common as sports or academics for some.

But it wasn’t a straight path for Bajaj Sankar from her family’s work to her own jewelry business. She used her educational opportunities to their maximum—a semester at sea, a bachelor’s degree in psychology and marketing, and an Executive Master of Business Administration from Columbia University.

Marketing had always fascinated her. Except…Bajaj Sankar had worked in fine jewelry practically since she was a kid, with her parents at Monique Creations teaching her everything about diamonds and jewelry pretty much since the day she was born.

“It was an exciting time—I did my GIA in my sophomore year [of college]. I was studying full time and traveling internationally, working with clients in the Middle East,” Bajaj Sankar says. “But after college I wanted to do something different, so I worked in marketing…only it was not as satisfying as having my own business.”

Komal Bajaj Sankar
Komal Bajaj Sankar is a second-generation jeweler who took a longer path focusing on business education toward starting her own jewelry business.

She dropped marketing for others and picked up a new name: Beauvince Jewelry. She says the name is a combination of two words, beauty and vincible, and it means that with beauty, one conquers. For Bajaj Sankar, having her own company meant she was ready to hang out her own shingle in New York City and do some advertising for herself. Her logo is a knot, a symbol for her that both diamonds and her work are designed to last forever.

Now, this second-generation jeweler says her favorite clients are the ones who want to dive into diamonds for everyday reasons—finding the perfect stone for an engagement ring or creating a custom design for an anniversary surprise.

“A lot of what I do is about communicating. Diamonds are not an easy good to sell—people need a lot of education and they want to understand their purchase. Usually, it’s one of the biggest purchases they’ll make in their life, especially an engagement ring,” Bajaj Sankar says.

“I try to make it a unique experience, especially if it is their first time. I do a lot of hand-holding, and I walk them through it. If I were to buy something that expensive, I would want that attention,” Bajaj Sankar says. “A diamond is a personal purchase—you might only buy a diamond a couple times in your life for yourself or someone. There’s usually a good reason for it, so it also can be very emotional. [A diamond or jewelry] helps to connect them to the moment, so that’s very fulfilling for me to be a part of that.”

Beauvince Jewelry Amaya Diamond Necklace
The Amaya diamond necklace with a 2.6 ct. yellow fancy pear-shape removable diamond pendant and marquise, emerald, pear, and round white diamonds; price on request

This holiday, Bajaj Sankar is putting together pieces that celebrate family—something she also is celebrating. As a relatively new mom, she has more responsibilities than ever. Yet this new generation—a daughter—is sparking fresh ideas about pieces she wants to create and legacies that will go on beyond her.

Holiday 2021 is all about femininity, rich details, and celebration, Bajaj Sankar says. She created designs that focus on embracing individuality in customers’ legacy pieces, jewels that stand out among others or within their own collections.

Part of Beauvince’s new collection is dedicated to high jewels, for wear at holiday galas and events, or as a gift for someone they love. The Amaya Diamond Necklace features a 2.6 ct. yellow fancy pear-shape removable diamond pendant, alongside a mix of marquise, emerald, pear, and round white diamonds. The two looks alternate between a delicate necklace and a statement piece, adjustable for style.

Beauvince is also introducing two high jewelry sets—the Tara Necklace and Earrings Suite and the Hearts Necklace and Earrings Suite, each featuring a dramatic combination of mixed-shape diamonds.

Beauvince Tara Diamond Necklace and Earring suite
The Tara necklace and earrings with east-west oval, pear, marquise, and round diamonds with central pear drops, all encircled by a ring of diamonds; price on request

Aside from high jewels, Beauvince’s capsule collection also includes diamond stud earrings, a staple for many jewelry boxes. For holiday gifts, Bajaj Sankar put together pairs of 2 ct. round solitaire studs, 2.51 ct. pear studs, and 1.38 ct. Flower Diamond Cluster studs.

The third component of the collection is engagement rings, for those looking to propose alongside loved ones during a special time of year. Beauvince offers customized engagement ring services and has an atelier for those who want to come in for a Diamond District consultation.

“I like having that direct connection with people,” Bajaj Sankar says. “Even after their purchase, I follow up—do they want adjustments? Are they happy with it? Do they want something different?… I’m willing to adjust and update. I watched my mom do that with pieces she inherited, and you can adapt a piece across generations.”

TOP: Beauvince Jewelry’s Hearts Necklace and Earrings Suite (price on request) has a display of heart, oval, and round diamonds. The necklace forms a double-row diamond collar, with a long spray of cuts, ending with hearts that fall over the neck and collarbone. (Photos courtesy of Beauvince Jewelry)

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