Trend File: Bea Bongiasca’s Gorgeous Floricultural Collection

Up-and-coming Italian jewelry designer Bea Bongiasca was inspired by the secret language of flowers for her latest collection, Floricultural.

“It’s known that flowers have specific meanings, which vary in different cultures, and are meant to convey emotion and to communicate directly to each other without needing the use of words,” said the designer in a statement.

Specifically, the collection looks to Hanakotoba, the Japanese language of flowers, “where tiger lily means prosperity, the heliconia represents uniqueness, and the honeysuckle stands for love ties.”

The designs are minimal, curvaceous interpretations of the flowers, colored boldly with sapphires, champagne diamonds, tsavorites, peridots, amethysts, and rock crystals.

Bea Bongiasca rings

Bea Bongiasca Floricultural rings with gems

Bea Bongiasca Heliconia cuff in 9k yellow gold

The lines of the graceful Heliconia cuff—which is perhaps my favorite piece in the collection—echo the folding arcs of the heliconia plant’s distinctive crimson flower.

The design, like many in the collection, exists in that rare space between trendy and classic. Prices vary for the collection, but a Heliconia leather and 9k gold ring can be had for 199 euro ($243).

(Top photo: Bea Bongiasca Floricultural earrings. All images courtesy of Bea Bongiasca)

JCK Magazine Editor