Baltimore’s Smyth Jewelers Creates Hilarious Football-Theme TV Commercials

Baltimore-based Smyth Jewelers is tapping into football fever with two new TV spots that pair weddings with Charm City’s beloved NFL team, the Baltimore Ravens.

The two 15-second commercials, which will debut during tonight’s preseason game between the Baltimore Ravens and the New Orleans Saints, infuse a little (funny) football into the marriage scenario.

Courtesy Smyth Jewelers

A bride gets dowsed in Gatorade, the official drink of the NFL, in one of Smyth’s new TV spots.

One shows a beautiful bride, bouquet in hand and ready to be wed, being dowsed by a huge cooler of purple Gatorade—her face twisting into a mask of shock. In the other, a couple runs toward each other in a grassy meadow, the guy holding a ring box. When they meet—BOOM—she tackles him to the ground in glee, sending the ring box flying. A gruff-sounding voiceover says: “Just a reminder: Smyth is the preferred jeweler of the Baltimore Ravens.”

Allan Charles, chairman and chief creative officer for TBC, the Baltimore-based advertising agency that created the spots for Smyth, told JCK, “We’re living in a great football city, and the fever pitch for the Ravens starts around this time. And it’s a funny juxtaposition to have— romance and the violence of football.”

Smyth CEO Mark Motes says, “We wanted to have fun with these commercials knowing football fans are eager for the return of the season.” The store stocks a collection of Ravens-themed jewelry and has partnered with the team in various ways in the past. 

“This is a whole campaign to glue the Smyths and the Ravens together,” notes Charles. “People in Baltimore really go crazy for the team.”

He added that the success of the ideas for the ads hinge in large part on their execution. He says that when it comes to producing a creative product, “there’s no there’s no guarantee that people will like it. But we felt the ideas were strong.”

Smyth has already posted the ads to its social media sites and will post outtakes from the shoots on its website this week. They promise to be as amusing as the ads themselves: “The girl in the meadow tackled the guy 18 times to get it right,” says Charles, “and we ruined three wedding dresses with the Gatorade ad. But that’s what had to happen!”

See both spots below. 

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