Azature’s Trois Mastery Stackable Rings in Platinum

Los Angeles-based Azature Pogosian of Azature is known for his love of black diamonds, but he gives one ebony-hued band some colorless companions in his Trois Mastery Stackable rings. Made in platinum or blackened platinum, each ring features 267 diamonds and retails for $12,000. They’re sold separately, but look best as a trio, he says.

Pogosian has already sold a multitude overseas—15 in Russia and 10 in the Middle East, among other locales—in addition to a dozen on each American coast, but more sales are sure to follow.

“Both men and women buy this ring,” he tells JCK in a phone interview. “People who love Azature have a certain level of power and confidence; it’s not a small ring to wear. Some of my New York clients tell me they always wear it—even to lunch—so it’s not a day or night thing. It’s never ‘too much’ to wear.”

Azature diamond and platinum rings

Trois Mastery Stackable rings in platinum have 267 diamonds apiece; $12,000 each. Azature