AWDC CEO Freddy J. Hanard Retires

Freddy J. Hanard, CEO of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre,
will be retiring as the head executive at the Antwerp diamond sector’s umbrella
organization at the end of 2010.

He will officially leave office on Dec. 31, after four
years in the position. Current deputy CEO Ari Epstein will take over the CEO
role Jan. 1, an AWDC spokeswoman said.

Hanard joined the organization in May 2006, when he accepted
the offer to become CEO of the newly restructured public foundation, the AWDC.

“Freddy has left his indelible mark on AWDC, the men and
women who work for it, and on the Antwerp diamond community. We are all better
for it, and we owe him a debt of gratitude,” said AWDC president Nishit Parikh
in a statement.