The Avocado Engagement Ring Box Is a Real Thing—Sort Of!

Avocado, that trendiest of trendy superfoods, is being touted all over the internet this morning as the hot new engagement ring box.

Let us explain. Dozens of news outlets, including NBC’s Nashville affiliate and MSN, are reporting on the weird-but-true practice of grooms wedging diamond rings into the center of ripe avocados to propose to their spouses-to-be—who will presumably be surprised by a ring appearing in their favorite savory fruit whilst whipping up a batch of tasty guac or a plate of avocado toast.

But let’s keep it real. This is a wildly viral thing, but not a really huge thing. The hashtag that accompanies the trend, #AvocadoProposal, has been used exactly 34 times as of this writing. When searched, it calls up a smattering of happy couples and close-ups of rings in avocados.

But while it may not qualify as a shout-it-from-the-rooftops trend, it is a very cute and creative way to propose. And if an avocado is upping the engagement excitement for men/potential-jewelry-clients, super.

The “craze” was thought to have originated with an Amsterdam-based food stylist, Colette Dike, who posted a photo of a ring-filled avocado on her Instagram (above) Feb. 10 with the caption: “Tag someone who should propose like this.” The post has 10,977 likes at press time (and definitely check out her feed, @fooddeco—her work is mind-blowing).

But a yogi and avocado addict named Taylor Selby seems to be the first-ever to document a ring in an avo-box, in a post from way back in 2016, NBC reports.

Selby posted a photo from his wedding just a few hours ago, writing, “Still in shock at the madness of this week! Who knew our avocado engagement would go completely viral two years later! And yes, we cut an avocado instead of a cake at our wedding. Thought it was only fitting to wear my avocado leggings today…”

Without a doubt.

(Top image: illustration via @markchallenlive)


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