Authenticity and Selling Jewelry

Authenticity is very popular in jewelry design and branding. The concept applies to professional jewelry sales representatives too. Successful salespeople need to be trained regarding policies and procedures and trained to develop selling skills that match the culture of the company. However, there is a point where the individualism of each salesperson can pay big dividends in higher closing rates and higher gross margins. The authenticity of sales representatives can help a jewelry company more effectively differentiate itself from competitors.

We all want to work with salespeople who are highly likable. What makes for a likeable sales representative? This is where the jewelry industry enjoys an advantage. The folks who sell jewelry, in general, love the product! Sales people who are enthusiastic tend to have very positive attitudes and that positivism is often contagious with prospective customers too. Being a good listener and exhibiting a low key style are very helpful too. Customers want to learn from informative sales representatives and not just hear their opinions. Shoppers want to make up their own minds and not feel persuaded into buying something. Highly effective sales representatives are authentically interested in learning about a shoppers’ approach to fashion and accessories and their current clothing and jewelry wardrobes because it allows them to make more relevant product suggestions.

There is a level of sensitivity that authentic salespeople share with customers. These sales representatives have a keen awareness of where the prospect is relative to their personal buying decision process. Authentic sales representatives use their assertiveness to help the shopper formulate their needs and desires for jewelry and help them build the confidence necessary to complete a transaction exchange. They know when to move forward and when to back off by using trail closes. Consider how authentic sales people exhibit a great balance between showing empathy for the shopper and their own ego and need to close a sale.

All jewelry sales representatives should take personal inventory of what makes them successful and what might be holding them back from being even more successful. Odds are their abilities to share their own unique and authentic approaches to demonstrating jewelry and making jewelry presentations are very important to their selling successes. What can you do as an owner or manager to help each sales representative develop their own authentic approach to selling jewelry?

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