At Your Service: What Are Your Best Techniques for Closing a Sale?

Every week we ask retailers how they handle client requests, questions, and conundrums. This week we asked: “What are your best techniques for closing a sale?”

“Before we close, we ask them, if you could change anything about the [item], what would it be. For example, if they want bigger, we tell them we could get it 20 points bigger and have it for them tomorrow. ‘Can I go ahead and set it aside for you?’”
Linda Bowman O’Dell, owner, Bowman Jewelers, Johnson City, Tenn.

“Let them put it on and talk about where they will wear it—let them see themselves in that moment!”
—Jacqueline Kimberly, Jaqueline Kimberly Jewelry, Palm Beach, Fla.

“I just keep explaining how beautiful the item is, that it is heirloom quality, a good value—all the benefits of the piece. I keep reassuring them that this will be a good investment. They will be wearing it when they’re in their 70s and 80s. It won’t wear out.”
— Diane Garmendia, owner, 33 Jewels, Santa Barbara, Calif.

“Really listening. Pretty much bringing someone to the decision that they’re comfortable and confident with the item they want. Once you see that, it’s easy. Then I consider what I can do to work through the buying process with the. We offer 12 months of no-interest credit, for example. I listen through all their concerns and try to solve them.”
—George Betts, manager, M. Lemp Jewelers, Syracuse, N.Y.

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