At Your Service: What Are the Skills and Personality Traits You Prize in a Great Salesperson?

Every week we ask retailers how they handle client requests, questions, and conundrums. This week we shined the spotlight on the opposite side of the counter and asked retailers: “What are the skills and personality traits you prize in a great salesperson?”

“Knowledge, salesmanship, open-mindedness, inquisitiveness, friendliness, knowing when to stop talking, not afraid to show high ticket [items]!” —Leoni Tamarkin,
Leoni Tamarkin Co. Inc.
, via Facebook

“Someone with the ability to talk who has a good personality, dresses well, presents themselves well, and has a nice vocabulary. And someone with jewelry and historical jewelry knowledge.” — Paul Pastor, owner, Chas Schwartz & Son, Washington D.C.

“I look for a good, honest person. When they’re selling, the look on their face says it all. If the salesperson likes the [item], the customer will like it.” — Aaron Adams, manager, Stewart’s Jewelry Store, Washington, N.C.

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