Can Your Astrological Sign Guide You to the Right Engagement Ring?

From Comet NEOWISE sightings to the persistent popularity of talismanic jewelry, including those that point to celestial motifs and zodiac signs, the idea of choosing an engagement ring based on what makes sense for your astrological sign’s personality profile doesn’t seem so far-fetched. It also falls in line with what many of today’s fine jewelry shoppers are motivated by: a desire for something deeply personal and a conduit for harnessing the healing, nurturing energies of the universe, including the divinity of the cosmos.

Gemma by WP Diamonds, a luxury designer jewelry resale site specializing in engagement rings, recently had a little fun with this idea, even going so far as to partner with Los Angeles–based professional astrologer Maressa Brown, who has penned articles on the topic for InStyle and other outlets, on some guidelines.

The engagement rings pictured below, selected based on Brown’s observations, are all part of Gemma by WP Diamonds’ collection.

I love the idea of a brick-and-mortar jewelry store partnering with a local astrologer to do readings (on Zoom, IG Live, or in-store—you could offer zodiac-themed masks as a gift to attendees) and have them suggest engagement ring styles from your inventory in similar fashion.

Since it’s Leo season, and so many in our industry are Leos (hmm…), let’s start there. What do you think of the suggestions?


Gemma yellow diamond ring
Gemma by WP Diamonds engagement ring with GIA-certified fancy light yellow diamond and white diamonds, $7,000

“Ruled by the beaming, confident sun, fire sign Leo tends to be a ray of light personified. They naturally to find themselves in the spotlight or claiming leadership roles, so their engagement ring should be as regal and attention-captivating as they are. A yellow diamond would suit their flair for the dramatic,” said Brown.


Gemma emerald ring
Gemma by WP Diamonds emerald engagement ring with diamond halo and accents in 18k white gold, $900

“Ruled by electrifying, game changer Uranus, air sign Aquarius is an innovative freethinker who tends to steer clear of convention at all costs, preferring to embrace their own quirky, offbeat style over what’s expected or traditional. That’s why they would be most thrilled by rings with unique cuts or interesting gemstones, ideally set in a cool, modern white gold or platinum band.”


Neil Lane diamond ring
Neil Lane cushion-cut halo engagement ring in platinum, price on request

“Ruled by go-getter Mars, cardinal fire sign Aries loves to see and be seen—especially while wearing the trendiest pieces. That’s why they’ll be wild for engagement bling designed by a diamond purveyor to the stars, including Bachelors and Bachelorettes.”


Gemma Heart sapphire ring
Gemma by WP Diamonds engagement ring with heart-shape sapphire center stone and diamonds in 18k white gold, $390

“Ruled by the maternal, sentimental, intuitive moon, Cancers are known for their big, loving hearts and deep feelings. As shameless, sensitive lovers of romance, water signs are often drawn to art that reflects exactly how they feel, which is why they might adore a heart-shape ring.”


Tiffany solitaire engagement ring
Tiffany & Co. solitaire diamond engagement ring in platinum, $1,550

“The cardinal earth sign, ruled by taskmaster, commitment-oriented Saturn, Capricorn is a traditionalist at heart. A solitaire ring that features uncomplicated, clean lines, a plain band, and one standout center stone speaks to their old-school, pragmatic style.”


Gemma double diamond ring
Gemma by WP Diamonds two-stone diamond ring in 18k white gold, $550

“The mutable air sign ruled by communicator Mercury, Geminis are known for their curiosity and style savviness. They’ll most love an engagement ring that doubles as a conversation piece and is playful and lighthearted in its design. Think a double-diamond style—Gemini is symbolized by the twins, after all—and bypass band.”


Tiffany flower diamond ring
 Tiffany & Co. diamond flower ring in platinum, $3,000

“Ruled by romantic Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money, air sign Libra is a lover of all things sweet and social. The symbolism of flowers—beautiful, fragrant, feminine—dovetails nicely with Libra’s heartfelt energy, so they might be drawn to an engagement ring that flaunts a floral design.”


James Allen oval diamond ring
James Allen oval diamond halo engagement ring in 14k rose gold, $13,995

“Dreamy, mystical Neptune, which has the effect of clouding rational thought, is Pisces’ ruling planet. In turn, those born under this water sign tend to be highly imaginative, wear rose-colored glasses, and express what’s in their hearts through art. A ring with a rose-gold setting, and a whimsically romantic look, would be sweet for Pisces.”


Tiffany Legacy diamond ring
Tiffany & Co. Legacy diamond engagement ring in platinum, $17,500

“Ruled by lucky Jupiter, the planet of fortune that has a magnifying effect on everything it comes in contact with, fire sign Sagittarius is a joyful adventurer who is quick to entertain others with their unfiltered wit and love of life. They might adore a big, bold, blindingly sparkly engagement ring that sets the stage for storytelling.”


Gemma ruby ring
Gemma by WP Diamonds vintage style ruby and diamond engagement ring in 18k white gold, $870

“Co-ruled by go-getter Mars and transformative Pluto, water sign Scorpio is a powerhouse of intense emotion and razor-focused drive. Wired to experience emotions deeply, they usually have reverence for family and tradition. A ring that’s a family heirloom would be a lovely fit for Scorpios, as would a vintage style or one featuring an unconventional stone in a bold, strong hue, like a ruby.”


Tiffany Soleste ring
Tiffany & Co. Soleste ring with pink sapphire and diamonds in platinum, $3,600

“As a grounded earth sign whose ruling planet is relationship-oriented Venus, which oversees love, beauty, and money, Taurus is a lover of luxury who tends to steer toward classic, romantic styles. A pink diamond or pink sapphire in a traditional cut aligns with their aesthetic.”


Gemma vintage sapphire ring
Gemma by WP Diamonds vintage style sapphire and diamond ring in 18k white gold, $730

“Ruled by messenger Mercury, earth sign Virgo is a cerebral lover of clean, classic, and elegant style. If they were born in September, their birthstone is sapphire, which makes a classic round or cushion-cut sapphire center stone or accents a perfect choice.”


Top: Gemma by WP Diamonds created this fun engagement ring by zodiac sign guide with astrologer Maressa Brown. 

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