Ashley Morgan for Yael Designs: The Leone Collection

Jewelry designer Ashley Morgan has teamed up with Yael Designs to offer the Fall 2011 Leone Collection. Designs feature conflict-free black diamonds set in 18k recycled gold with colorless diamonds or Japanese seed pearls; two percent of wholesale sales benefit to Schools for Salone, a Seattle-based nonprofit that helps build schools, train teachers, and give scholarships to those in need in Sierra Leone. Donations from the Leone Collection will be used to help build a primary school in Lungi Village in the southern part of Sierra Leone. Designs are inspired by regal imagery like crowns and Lion Mountain, part of the country’s notable landscape; suggested retail prices start at $1,200.

Ashley Morgan for Yael Designs

The primary school being built in Lungi Village in the southern part of Sierra Leone; a portion of sales from the Leone Collection benefit this project.

Ashley Morgan for Yael Designs

Students from the Lungi Village school in Sierra Leone


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