ArtCarved Bridal Cutting Off 15 Percent of Retailers

ArtCarved Bridal announced that it plans to cut out approximately 15 percent of its authorized retailers.

The “underperforming” doors aren’t providing the brand experience the company wants, Tom Tanner, senior vice president of brand management and marketing for Fredrick Goldman, which markets ArtCarved, tells JCK.

“We see this more as a refining of our distribution, because we are also continuing to open new accounts,” he says.  “We need retail to be more consistent than it’s been in the past.”

Retailers identified as underperforming will be notified that they need to develop an improvement plan or will no longer have access to the ArtCarved brand and must cease to represent themselves as an authorized dealer.

Where distribution privileges are taken from a retailer, the stores must disassociate themselves from the ArtCarved Bridal name and trademark, including the removal of all product, displays, and signage.