Art to Wear: Bibi van der Velden

If you’re looking for jewels that you don’t see every day, look to Bibi van der Velden. Originally a sculptor, the jeweler foundered her company, Wearable Works of Art, during 2006’s Amsterdam Fashion Week. The designs really are tiny, wearable pieces of art. From rings carved from 40,000 year-old woolly mammoth tusk to the Polky Diamond collection (which includes oxidized silver designs with vintage edge), this is a well-rounded selection of miniature marvels. Since your spring-cleaning is well under way, consider adding something fresh and artsy to your showcases. Here are five of my favorite pieces from Bibi van der Velden. Once you’re hooked, visit JCK Marketplace for the rest of the showcased collection.

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Bibi van der Velden smoky quartz Cloud earringsBibi van der Velden seahorse mammoth tusk ring

Bibi van der Velden polky diamond rock earrings

Bibi van der Velden rose gold Elephant Hair bracelet

Bibi van der Velden Memorabilia earrings


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