Arkansas Diamond Park Now Informing About Kimberley Process

The Crater of Diamonds State Park, the Murfreesboro, Ark.–based diamond-producing park that allows members of the general public to search for gems, now provides information on the Kimberley Process.

The Kimberley Process governs rough imports and exports. The information was never provided to foragers before this year, park officials told JCK, and is being offered at the request of the U.S. State Department.

Notes one brochure: “You do not need a Kimberley Process certificate to take a diamond from the park, as long as it remains within the United States. However, if you intend to take the rough diamond across an international border, then you do need to obtain a Kimberley Process certificate.… Once a rough diamond is fully cut or polished, it is no longer deemed to be rough and thus does not need a certificate because it is no longer subject to the KPCS or Clean Diamond Trade Act.”

Since 1972, the park has let visitors hunt for diamonds and keep what they find. In 2009, 918 stones were found—with 29 of them over one carat. The largest diamond ever found was a 16.37 ct. stone, unearthed in 1975.

JCK News Director