Aquamarine Dream: Blue Stone Finds From JCK Marketplace

Aquamarine, birthstone of March babies, is a beautiful and versatile stone. Aqua is typically recognized as a pale, sometimes almost-clear blue, but can be found in deeper-colored varieties as well. That’s why the aqua remains one of the most popular and well-loved semiprecious stones, with its ability to complement any skin tone or wardrobe hue. I’ve seen numerous brides-to-be opt for an aqua instead of the traditional diamond engagement ring, and I think it’s a distinctive, lovely choice. As a big fan of the blue gem, I just had to scour Marketplace for some of my favorite pieces. Take a look at what I have discovered below—I have a feeling you’ll like these finds as much as I do.


Coast Diamond’s Aquamarine Ring

Coast Diamond Aquamarine Cocktail Ring

I’m always up for a great-looking cocktail ring, and this fits the bill perfectly. With a 17.26 ct. center stone, this ring begs to be shown off.


Color Merchants’ Aqua Stud Earrings

Color Merchant Aqua Stud Earrings

These aqua studs are a great alternative to the traditional diamond earrings. They’re light enough to match everything, and large enough to make a statement. The simple design of these earrings enhances the beauty of the aqua stones.


Oscar Heyman’s Green Aquamarine and Diamond Earrings

Oscar Heyman Bros. Aqua Earrings

I love these earrings because, well—look at them! A generous serving of dazzling diamonds tops off the green aquamarine stones, which is a rare sight to behold. So what if not everyone has a red carpet event to attend? I’d wear these anywhere!



Michael John IMAGE’s Fancy Aquamarine Ring

Michael John Image Aqua Ring

I admire this ring for its unusual shape, and the 326 round brilliant-cut diamonds don’t hurt either. Perfect for the fashion-forward and those looking for something just a bit out of the ordinary.



Gems One Corp.’s Trillion Aquamarine Pendant

Gem One Crop Trillian Aqua Pendant

This is one of those pieces I think everyone would love, and it makes a sure-fire choice as a great gift. The trillion-cut center stone is certainly sought-after, and the surrounding diamonds make for a classic yet colorful look.



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