Apple Watch Owners Fall Out Love With Watch Over Time, Says Report

The device is viewed by many users as inessential

MBLM, the brand research and strategy company, is conducting a year-long ethnographic study of Apple Watch users, and its six-month report reveals that users of the watch grow bored with the device over time.

The watch went from a “love to like,” according to users, and was viewed as a non-essential device. Complaints about the watch included that it must be tethered to the iPhone and that many watch features are simply easier to access on the iPhone.

“It’s surprising that even when we forced our panel to separate from the watch for an extended period, most of them didn’t miss the device,” stated Mario Natarelli, MBLM’ s managing partner. “We have seen our panel change its behaviors and attitudes over the past six months and identified a clear sense of the limitations, barriers and opportunities wearable technology is creating.”

Despite feeling underwhelmed by the watch, however, users all still reported feeling positive about Apple and even future iterations of the Apple Watch. 

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