Apple Introducing iWatch Tomorrow, Reports Say

A string of reports say that Apple will unveil a high-tech timepiece on Sept. 9, its first venture into the wearables category.

Both The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources, write that the company will introduce a wearable for the wrist, possibly named the iWatch, at tomorrow’s press briefing. 

Reuters also noted that Apple has invited an unusual number of fashion editors and bloggers to Tuesday’s event, fueling speculation it is introducing a product with a strong design component.

The Journal reports users will be able to pay for items with the device, which will also track the user’s health and fitness, and be offered in two sizes.

The newspaper’s sources do not expect the device to be available this year, echoing a report on tech site Re/code, which also says Apple has considered a $400 price tag for the product.

More discussion of what an iWatch might be able to do—and its possible effect on the traditional timepiece business—can be seen here

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