The Appeal of the Matching Wedding Set

Maybe it’s the impending royal wedding, or simply that it’s spring and love is inevitably in the air (or so I once learned from Bambi, when I was very young), but I have got engagement ring fever. I’m not in the market for a new ring or anything, but I have felt an inexplicable affection—more so than usual—to the variations littering (glittering?) my Instagram feed.

With JCK Las Vegas just a few weeks away, amping up your wedding jewelry selection might be on your mind, too. There’s really no wrong time of year to pop the question, so ensuring that you’re well-stocked is pretty much the norm, isn’t it?

There are plenty of options to choose from: the classic solitaire, the halo, the alternative—you’re experts in all of this.

Just Jules baguette stacking rings

Commitments collection rings in 14k white gold with rose-cut diamonds, price on request; Just Jules

Anna Sheffield Hazeline solitaire suite

Hazeline engagement suite in 14k yellow gold with diamonds, $7,925; Anna Sheffield

But what of the all-in-one wedding set? How do we—and by we, I mean the consumers—feel about having the engagement ring and wedding band purchase done in one sparkly swoop? Is the hunt for the perfect matching wedding band lost in this way, or is it more of a relief, to have one less pre-wedding purchase to worry about? I suppose it depends on the customer, though I can certainly see the pull.

Sylvie Collection Yasmine engagement ring set

Yasmine engagement ring set in 18k yellow gold with diamonds, sold separately, prices on request; Sylvie Collection

Uneek diamond wedding set

Halo wedding set with diamonds, price on request; Uneek Fine Jewelry

Then there are the corresponding, sold-separately bands: The perfect match to an engagement ring aesthetically, and one that fits flush, too. Customers needn’t feel obligated to purchase them should they want to exercise their freedom of choice, but, much like the all-in-one sets, they offer an easy, really good-looking option.

Karl Lagerfeld Eiffel Tower engagement ring

Karl Lagerfeld Eiffel Tower wedding band

Eiffel Tower collection engagement ring and optional matching wedding band, sold separately; Karl Lagerfeld

Maybe it’s because I don’t have a perfectly matched wedding band, or one that even fits flush (though I love it all the more for that reason—it’s mine, I picked it, and it works for me), but I’m fascinated with wedding sets as of late. It’s like having a personal stylist, picking out precisely what looks good for you, without having to agonize over it.

These are a few of my recent favorites—and only a very small sampling of the many splendid options on the market.

Top: Celestine wedding suite, $6,600; Anna Sheffield