App Jewelers Should Consider: Hang w/

The more social media platforms proliferate, the greater the risk there is of retailers missing crucial connections with their customers. Why? An overage of popular apps and social channels can result in users self-selecting just a few platforms—say, Twitter, Vine, and Pinterest—ignoring other channels completely.

With the possible exception of Facebook, which occupies such a huge space in our personal and professional lives, it seems inevitable that new apps and social platforms will eventually have a brief shelf life.

Which is why, as a retailer, it pays to keep up with virtual tools designed to get products and promotions in front consumer eyeballs today.

A Hang w/ promotion (courtesy of the Hang w/ app)

Hang w/ (as in, “Will you hang with me?”), a brand new app for iPhones, is just such an app. The virtual tool pairs the short-video concept of the Vine app with direct delivery. Users live-stream three-minute videos from their phones directly onto their fans’ phones.

Originally conceived as a platform for celebrities to pad their wallets through sponsored live, real-time videos, Hang w/ creates an intriguing opportunity for retailers. The app—which was developed and founded by entrepreneur Andrew Maltin—was downloaded more than 50,000 times in its first three weeks of release.

After creating your own Hang w/ channel (instructions are in the app), retailers can potentially stream videos showing new product, footage from special appearances and events, and items included in special sales and promotions.

The app also creates a golden opportunity to showcase retailers and their employees modeling pieces—or just hamming it up for the camera. People feel a kinship with the characters on Mad Men and Game of Thrones; why not cultivate that affectionate relationship with your staffers and clients? Allow your clients to get to know your store on a personal basis and the payoff—new business, deep foot traffic for promotions, and even, potentially, staff morale—could be profound.

Hang w/ also features easy posting to Facebook and Twitter, and a chat component where fans can talk to you or other commenters during the live broadcast.

Is your store ready for its close-up? Check out this short video showcasing the app.

JCK Magazine Editor