Anyone Know Waris?

I, (along with the rest of the JCK style team), pride myself on being the source of all things jewelry, design, and style; the Lois Lane of the jewelry world, you might say. Every once in a while, however, something slips under our radar. This is, apparently, one of those moments. And I’m not talking about some little radio-controlled toy plane; I’m talking a 747. This morning, said jumbo jet roared by me when, while cruising various fashion and style sites and blogs, I came across a piece on 2006’s best parties on The first person interviewed? Waris. The jewelry designer and actor from House of Waris.

House of WHO?

Further searching online found quite a few stories about him (full name: Waris Ahluwalia) in the mainstream consumer media (which, for me, is a bit like being out-scooped by Jimmy Olsen), but still not a whole lot about his jewelry. For those of us who have been, apparently, living under a rock, anyone know him or have any thoughts/insight??