Anti-Sleek Chic: Choosing Jewelry to Wear with the New Textured Hairstyles

You can see it in numerous fashion spreads: One of the freshest looks in hairstyles is the antithesis of controlled smoothness. The August 2010 issue of Allure magazine describes it best:

“The hottest trend from the fall runways is hair that’s as big and airy as cotton candy—but definitely not as sweet. ‘Extremely textured hair looks punk, youthful, and a little bit wild,’ says hairstylist Orlando Pita, who created poufy ponytails at Michael Kors and billowy clouds of hair at Dior.” . . . “These new unpolished looks are a backlash against the flatironed, chemically straightened conformity that prevailed for years.”

Illustration: From the August 2010 issue of Allure, a textured ponytail worn with a textured top by Louis Vuitton.

Illustration: Also from the August 2010 issue of Allure, a 1960’s style pouf “unapologetically teased, and tamed only by a chunky headband” from Prada.

Allure congratulates those with hair which is naturally coarse in texture or has a lot of kinks: “For probably the first time in your life, that will mean doing ‘a lot less work to achieve the style,’ says Pita.” The magazine provides step-by-step advice for how to achieve this look for other hair types. “Remember, shine is the enemy,” notes Allure.

The advice that shine is the enemy is helpful too in choosing jewelry to accessorize and emphasize the look. Think texture in jewelry and antiqued or distressed finishes – the opposite of high polish metal and spherical pearls.

Illustration: From the September 2010 issue of Marie Claire, an ensemble of mixed textures that includes a pendant necklace from Alexander McQueen and highly dimensional ring from Iosselliani.

Illustration: Also from the September 2010 issue of Marie Claire, textured hair accompanies a highly textured ensemble that includes a tangled multi-strand necklace from Edition by Banana Republic and a Baroque pearl ring from Tasaki by Thakoon.

One beautiful result of all the texture in hair, clothing and jewelry is that it puts beautiful, smooth skin into high focus. Textured hair is not a look everyone will want to embrace, but it does provide an intriguing departure from the styles that have been preferred over the last several years.

Illustration: Actress Deborah Ann Woll with textured hair and a multi-textured coat by Marc Jacobs, worn with Cartier gold and diamond earrings, as pictured in the August 2010 issue of InStyle.