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Anna Zuckerman Goes Beyond Basics with Her A to Z Brand Refresh


Jewelry designer Anna Zuckerman is adapting to the self-purchasing trend among female consumers with a campaign called A to Z that encourages consumers to “accessorize boldly” with Zuckerman’s affordable fine jewelry.

The brand refresh, which started June 1, is being unveiled at JCK Las Vegas. Its name is a play on Zuckerman’s initials and also nods to the range of places customers can wear her looks—everywhere from the beach to the wedding chapel. Zuckerman describes the focus as statement jewelry that uses lab-grown diamonds and gemstones and therefore appeals to the cost-conscious.

A to Z is a complete rebrand for the 3-year-old company, with an updated website and revamped social media. Zuckerman says she seeks to capture consumers who want jewelry that’s affordable, easy to wear daily, and has an upscale look.

Anna Zuckerman Grace earrings
Anna Zuckerman says the Grace 40 earrings ($295) are examples of her A to Z philosophy in that they’re made from more affordable diamond crystalline yet look as quality as natural diamonds to her.

“The past decade has seen fine jewelry go from a once-in-a-lifetime purchase to a guilt-free luxury,” Zuckerman says. “My motto has always been ‘Why wait?’ I encourage women to embrace their glamorous side, stand out, and never wait for a specific occasion to spoil themselves.… It’s playful, and it is for a woman who is empowered and wants to make a statement.”

In particular the A to Z campaign targets women who are buying diamond pendants or other high-quality pieces for themselves, as rewards or just because they want to, Zuckerman says. She chose to highlight lab-grown stones because women are seeing them on social media.

Someone might buy an Anna Zuckerman lab-grown diamond engagement ring so they can afford a larger stone than they’d get with a natural diamond, the designer says. Another customer may buy that same ring to wear when they travel, giving them peace of mind when on the slopes or the beach that their natural stone is safe at home.

Victoria Anna Zuckerman
Anna Zuckerman’s Victoria 29 necklace ($1,450), has 35 cts. t.w. diamond crystalline and is available in sapphire blue and four other colors.

Zuckerman says the new A to Z collections feature more dramatic styles for people to wear in a variety of situations—including bigger, bolder looks like a chunky Cuban chain appropriate for a special event like a gala or a girls’ night out.

On the bridal side, Zuckerman says the repositioning will emphasize classic jewelry designs for brides to wear or give as gifts to their bridesmaids. There are also styles that the mother of the bride would wear at the wedding and then daily afterward.

Originally focused on everyday luxury, Zuckerman says she wants to rebrand from “queen of diamonds” to queen of diamond crystalline, which is made from cubic zirconia and lab-grown diamond particles but looks natural.

“We’re creating our own lane with innovative materials and the same quality of design you see across fine jewelry,” Zuckerman says. “Only your jeweler will know the difference.”

Top: Anna Zuckerman is offering bold jewelry pieces with affordable lab-grown diamonds and stones, as part of her A to Z campaign. (Photos courtesy of Anna Zuckerman)

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