Anna Ruth Henriques Makes Spiders Much Less Scary With Beautiful Jewelry

Anna Ruth Henriques blackened web cuff bracelet

I’ve always been terribly, irrationally afraid of spiders—that is, until I met Anna Ruth Henriques. Now I’m only rationally afraid of spiders. (Hey, baby steps!) The New York-based designer has definitely altered my perspective on the eight-legged creatures, especially during the time of year that they’re supposed to be at their creepy-crawliest.

Anna Ruth Henriques web hoop earrings

Using primarily oxidized sterling silver and 18k gold, pieces are handcrafted and set with conflict-free and locally cut gemstones—ruby, pearl, and moonstone, to name a few—in nature-inspired designs that manage to be fashion forward and classically artsy at the same time.

Anna Ruth Henriques spiderweb cuff

Anna’s pieces reflect the designer herself: refined and chic, almost always rocking black, while having a playful side, too. On one of our numerous show encounters, Anna had streaked her hair with a shock of color, and I thought about how I wanted one for the rest of the day. It was so cool, and it just worked. Kind of like the spiders in her jewelry.

Anna Ruth Henriques handpainted spiderweb pendant

Really though, why spiders? I mean they’re so…creepy. Am I right? “I like spiders because they represent the creative spirit by weaving beautiful webs, self-sufficiency, independence and resilience,” says Anna. “They make their own homes, feed themselves, and get right back up and rebuild when their webs are knocked down. These are all characteristics I admire and wish for myself and other women.”

Anna Ruth Henriques pearl spider drop earrings

And there you have it. That reasoning from Anna, right there, is what made me realize that spiders aren’t really all that bad. As a matter of fact, they’re kind of bad@ss, and that’s how I feel about her jewelry. These jewels are for women who want to show their independent spirit, infuse a little edge into their every day lives, and just keep pushing forward.

Anna Ruth Henriques spiderweb pendant

Now when I see a spider in its natural habitat, instead of feeling fear, I feel respect. Unless that spider gets a little too chummy in my home, on my wall, near my head. Then I make a run for it. Like I told you, baby steps.

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