Ancient theory and high technology provide fashionable health benefits

Alternative medicine is becoming more and more popular in the United States. These unconventional therapeutic practices include acupuncture, herbal medicine, special diets, magnets, faith healing, and aromatherapy, among others. At least two exhibitors at this year’s JCK Show ~ Las Vegas have incorporated nontraditional health benefits into their products.

The Saltz Collection claims to be the first health-inspired fine jewelry collection for men and women. Designer Marcella Saltz created the jewelry to take advantage of the healing power that some attribute to copper. According to ancient belief and modern testimonials, copper can stimulate the flow of energy, reduce inflammation, and revitalize its wearer. Saltz describes her design as “a secret circlet embraced by a band of 18k gold adorned with diamonds. The copper circlet is channeled inside the bracelet of precious metal.”

Saltz says she designed the collection for her mother, a sculptor who suffered pain in her hands but who wanted something more chic than an ordinary copper bracelet.

The Saltz Collection is on display at the Anson booth, #25100.

The Philip Stein Teslar Watch, invented in 1986, was also designed with well-being in mind. According to the company’s Web site, special technology inside the watch “was designed to help the body reinforce its own electromagnetic field against the subtle effects of external, low-energy electromagnetic fields.”

The watch contains two special Teslar chips that work with the watch’s battery, which creates an electric field, and the watch’s quartz timing coil, which creates a magnetic field. The chips are designed to interact with the fields to cancel them and create “checked and balanced” energies.

The Web site notes that the watch provides “protective energy” and that wearing it “is comparable to being in a quiet, calm cocoon, relatively free from the turbulence of the electromagnetic storm raging around us.”

The Philip Stein Teslar Watch collection is on display in the Design Center at the Viewpoint booth, #13143.

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