Americana Jewels Not Just for July 4


Independence Day is a few days away, and I’m anticipating it more than ever this year. There’s just something about the idea of a backyard barbecue, spending the night under a sky lit by fireworks, and easy, breezy dressing, good old Americana style. Which, by the way, means different things to different people. For some, it’s purely red, white, and blue. For others, it’s casual stripes or a polo shirt à la Ralph Lauren. For me, and maybe this can be chalked up to my pure love for the movie Jaws and the fact that it takes place during the July 4 holiday, Americana style takes on more of a nautical twist. It’s ropes and braids and stripes. It’s anchors and other sea-inspired motifs with a clean-cut, uncomplicated vibe. It’s big hats and white swimsuits, Jackie O. sunglasses, flip-flops, and light sweaters for when the sun sets. I suppose, in a nutshell, my version can be summed up as ’60s sailor. This is my idea of Americana accessorizing, what’s yours?

Stuller diamond twist band




Andrew Hamilton Crawford Nautical Dreaming bracelet

Andrew Hamilton Crawford

Charm America anchor ring

Charm America



Evocateur Nautical Knot cuff bracelet




Charming Silver twisted double band ring

Charming Silver





West Coast Jewelry Elya Designs seahorse nautical braid bracelet

West Coast Jewelry



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