Amazon Premieres Etsy Competitor With 44,000 Jewelry Listings

Handmade at Amazon, the e-tailer’s challenge to Etsy, launched today with 400 pages of jewelry listings and a pledge to stick to “factory-free” artisanal goods.

It features 44,000 jewelry items, more than its other five categories combined. That is not surprising, as jewelry has long been Etsy’s number one category. (Currently, 7.5 million jewelry items are listed on that site.)

While more than 90 percent of the jewelry items listed sell for less than $200, Handmade at Amazon does host a handful of bigger-ticket items. The most expensive piece listed so far is a sized-to-order 2.75 ct. cushion-cut diamond engagement ring set in platinum, which will set customers back $24,900 (plus $80 shipping).

The site has a different payment model than Etsy, which charges sellers a 20-cent listing fee and then takes 3.5 percent of the selling price, not including shipping. Amazon’s current “promotional” referral fee is 12 percent of item’s final value (with a 50-cent minimum), though it says this fee will expire Aug. 1, 2016.

An Amazon statement stipulates that all listed products “must be made by hand.” This could attract disgruntled Etsy sellers who have lamented the growing number of factory-made goods on the site.

The site places Etsy is a difficult spot. It just went public and has looked to mass-produced goods as a way to spur growth. (That has had mixed success; Fortune calls it the worst-performing IPO of 2015.) But increasing those listings could spur defections to Amazon.

Regardless, Handmade at Amazon has a ways to go before it catches up to Etsy. Handmade at Amazon currently lists 80,000 items. At press time, Etsy listed 36 million items for sale.

JCK News Director