Almor Designs’ Branch Earrings Are a Sure Sign of Fall

Almor Designs fancy diamond branch earrings

I’ll be the first to admit that I was ecstatic when Labor Day weekend was over, the cue to start gearing up for autumn and all of the wonderfulness that comes with it. I didn’t have to think twice about saying goodbye to summer’s bright, cheerful colors or my cutoff shorts and light-as-air tops, now in their place at the back of the closet until next year. I don’t care that it’s still hot, that we technically still have a few weeks left of sweet summer, because to me, fall is here to stay (well, for the sad couple of weeks that it really lasts here in D.C., anyway). So now that the mood has been set for all things autumn, the bounty of golden jewels, fancy color diamonds, and other harvest-hued pieces are all but jumping off of the pages of JCK Marketplace as I embark on my daily treasure hunt. These earrings from Almor Designs are a perfect example. Their blackened, branch-like shapes dangling with fancy color diamonds in assorted shapes and colors, like the trees at the end of autumn, holding dearly to the last leaves before the wind blows them away and winter takes over. There’s an eerie elegance about them, like they could be something found in an enchanted, or maybe even haunted, forest, the perfect setting for a Halloween tale. Am I a tad too obsessed with this season? Probably. But if inspirations of the season lead to jewelry creations like this, who can blame me?

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