All My Pearls: Beautiful Tahitian and South Sea Pearl Jewelry

Tahitian pearls are my favorite type of gem. The luster and range of hues in them is just mesmerizing, and I’m fascinated by the fact that it can takes years of oyster stress just to produce one beautiful pearl. Years of stress in people typically result in stomach ulcers or prescription-drug dependency; I think the oysters have a better system.

Here are a few of my favorite Tahitian pieces of the moment. All celebrate a variety of pearl shapes, and pair companion jewels in subtle and attractive ways. I prefer circled and baroque pearls to the perfectly round ones because they’re interesting, and beautifully “flawed” (just like people). Misshapen pearls can also inspire some designers to make more creative and interesting looks.


* Baroques, rounds, and near rounds are accented with diamonds and set in platinum. Jewellery Theatre

* A baroque South Sea pearl is accented with diamonds and set in platinum. Nina Runsdorf

* Magnetic platinum bands host perfectly round Tahitian pearls. Steven Kretchmer

* Baroques are anchored by a huge citrine drop. Donald Huber

* Colored stones and diamonds embellish a large black pearl in a blackened gold setting. Phoenix England

* Diamonds accent a Tahitian pearl set in 18k white gold. Ole Lynggaard (distribution only in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and parts of Russia).

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