Alex and Ani Wants 100 Stores This Year

Alex and Ani is aiming for 100 branded stores this year, according to a profile of founder and CEO Carolyn Rafaelian on a recent segment of Good Morning America.

Currently, the company numbers 94 stores.

The story called the brand “an American jewelry empire.”

It noted that the company’s Charity by Design arm has donated $48 million to good causes.

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2 responses to “Alex and Ani Wants 100 Stores This Year”

  1. Carolyn,
    A big Congrats for being on the cover of Forbes!!! You belong to a very elite club indeed. A woman JEWELRY entrepreneur on Forbes. You made us all very proud!

    FYI I met your dad years ago when I worked for Fred Levinger and he invited us to his factory which was close by. Very nice man.

    I wish you many years of success, great health and happiness with your family and your business. Liz

  2. The world needs more “feel good” stories but Alex and Ani takes it further. Carolyn spreads compassion over the globe and makes it easy for every day folks to join in her journey. Thank you for the ride.

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