AGTA Holds Board Elections

The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) on Sept. 14 announced the results of its 2012 Board of Directors elections. Newly-elected board members will begin their three-year terms at the AGTA Board of Directors Meeting at AGTA GemFair Tucson. 

The following were elected as directors:  John Bachman (John M. Bachman); Jeffrey Bilgore (Jeffrey Bilgore); Ruben Bindra (B & B Fine Gem); Bruce Bridges (Bridges Tsavorite); Sampat Poddar (Byrex Gems); Kambiz Sabouri (Gem 2000); and Bear Williams (Bear Essentials). 

The following directors’ terms will continue through 2012: Robert Bentley (Robert Bentley Company); Peter Bazar (Imperial-Delta); Sushil Goyal (Liberty Gems); Betty Sue King (King’s Ransom); Bill Larson (Pala International); Glenn Lehrer (Lehrer Designs); Gerry Manning (Manning International); Niveet Nagpal (Omi Gems); Joe Orlando; Lois Wacholtz (Christopher’s Fine Jewelry Design); and Cynthia Renee Zava.       

The new Board members will be introduced at the AGTA Membership Meeting, which is open to all AGTA Members on Friday, Feb. 3, at the Tucson Convention Center.

The AGTA board of directors holds elections on a rotating cycle in order to guarantee coherence of the board’s long-term plans. 

JCK News Director