AGTA GTC to Issue Tanzanite Reports

The American Gem Trade Association Gemological Testing Center has begun offering Tanzanite Grading Reports in accordance with the Tanzanite Quality Scale—a tanzanite specific, internationally recognized, tanzanite grading system that was launched in North America in March 2007 and Hong Kong in September 2007.

The Tanzanite Foundation, a non-profit industry supported organization that grows demand and creates value for tanzanite, said its vision is to establish a universal standard for grading tanzanite that spurs trade and consumer confidence and encourages a more comprehensive and consistent understanding of tanzanite’s qualities and rarity, as well as encourage the development of a more formalized industry.

In 2002, the AGTA selected tanzanite as a December birthstone, adding it to a list of birthstones unchanged since 1912.

“We are extremely gratified to enter into this strategic cooperation with the American Gem Trade Association and its Gemological Testing Center,” Gabriella Endlin, Tanzanite Foundation technical director. “Their support of our vision for a universal, consistent tanzanite grading system is essential. The AGTA has the expertise and market positioning to play a key role in achieving this unprecedented goal.”

AGTA GTC and Tanzanite Foundation made the announcement at a cocktail event at the Cornell Club in New York Monday.

“I am very excited about this collaboration,” said Lore Kiefert, AGTA GTC Laboratory director. “The Tanzanite Foundation’s vision is something very well worth sharing, and we are proud that Tanzanite Foundation has selected us to do so. Tanzanite is consistent in its properties making it a perfect gemstone to receive a grading report. We are looking forward to a continued collaboration with the Tanzanite Foundation.”

The Tanzanite Quality Scale grades according to standards under the 4 C’s criteria of Carat Weight, Color, Clarity, and Cut. A fifth “C” stands for Confidence.

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