The American Gem Trade Association Elects Ruben Bindra President

The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) has elected Ruben Bindra (pictured), of B & B Fine Gems in Los Angeles, to be its president.

He takes over from Jeffrey Bilgore, who was elected president in 2015 and began serving in February 2016.

Bindra will assume the role in February 2019 and serve for a three-year term. Bindra has served in the position before, from 2012 to 2016.

The organization also re-elected Jeff Mason, of Mason-Kay Inc., to its board of directors and elected Robert Bentley, of Robert Bentley Co., and Jaimeen Shah, of Prima Gems USA, to new slots on the organization’s board. They will also serve three-year terms. They take over from departing board members Avi Raz and Kusam Malhotra.

The following members will continue with their positions on the board: Pramod Agrawal;  Bruce Bridges; Charles Carmona; Kimberly Collins; Jonathan Gad; Bill Heher; Gina Latendresse; David Nassi; Hemant Phophaliya; Shekhar Shah; and Simon Watt.

In a statement, AGTA commended “Bilgore for his excellent leadership as president, and Mr. Avi Raz and Ms. Kusam Malhotra for their commitment as directors.”

The nominating committee was chaired by Bindra, and included John Bachman, Benjamin Hackman, Hemant Phophaliya, and Ray Zajicek.

(Image courtesy of the American Gem Trade Association)

JCK News Director