Agents of Hope and Ambassadors of Transformation

Charles Revlon once said, “In the factory we make cosmetics and in the stores we sell hope.” How true! The world of fashion and personal attire and cosmetics are based on the notion that one’s appearance can be enhanced. Even jewelry is sold with the promise of hope . . . that one will feel better, look better and be more appreciated by loved ones. The ability to share this hope with prospects should not be taken lightly or presented without conviction from one’s heart. If a sales associate sincerely does not believe that the right jewelry fashion statement can greatly complement a person’s appearance they should find another career. Jewelry sales associates are agents of hope and should be proud to profess the virtues of fine jewelry.

Jewelry sales associates are also ambassadors of transformation. It takes a lot of confidence for most people to transform their personal appearance. Most of us are very particular when it comes to seriously considering the input of others who would offer how we might change our personal appearance. While a new piece of jewelry might not be as obvious or radical as a new hair style, different fashion jewelry designs and style can and do make different statements about the person wearing it. To be effective, sales associates have to be perceived as credible sources when it comes to suggesting an appropriate piece of jewelry.

Changing from one style to another can be viewed as a transformation and would happen to many more consumers if it were not so challenging and difficult to accept by so many people. Jewelry sales associates should become adept at selling their expertise as jewelry fashion consultants. Really effective sales associates know how to sell themselves to prospective customers before they ever try to sell a specific piece of jewelry. They know how to make prospective customers feel comfortable and willing to consider new viewpoints to their self-prescribed approaches to fashion and important accessories like jewelry. When people put on a new piece of fine jewelry they should be encouraged to feel a transformation in their appearance. Really effective jewelry sales associates are agents of hope and ambassadors of transformation. They sell the possibilities of enhanced personal perception and appearance all wrapped up in hope. They transform existing self concepts through the allure of what can be because they know how to be perceived as trusted fashion accessory advisors.


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