Advanced level bench seminars sponsored by PGI and Bench Media

One-day seminars for master bench jewelers are being held in five cities in the U.S. during the summer and fall. Sponsored by Platinum Guild International and Bench Media, the seminars are being taught by master bench jewelers Brad Simon and Jurgen Maerz.

Maerz will first present his “Platinum Bench Techniques” discussion. Simon follows the break with an “Advanced Fabrication” demonstration. After lunch, the day evolves into a duel between the two seminar leaders. One will demonstrate a setting project, and when finished, the other repeats the project showing how they do it differently. Close-up video equipment projects the work of each craftsman onto a large screen so everyone in the room can see the techniques being demonstrated. The day concludes with “Bench Tips & Other Tricks.” 

Locations and dates are as follows:

* Chicago, July 28
* Boston, Aug. 18
* Anaheim, Calif., Aug. 25
* Seattle, Sept. 22
* Richmond, Va. Oct. 13

For more information and to register log onto:
or call 864-680-6660.