Adapting a Fashion Trend to Fit Your Customers

Caroline: So how do you feel about the multiple bracelets trend? (Shown here on Celine Dion.)
Cynthia: It’s an important trend. It showed up at all the awards shows this year.
Caroline: I am not sure that look is great for everyone.
Cynthia: I agree. I think there are factors that made the look “work” for the celebrities. 
Caroline: Really? What are they?
Cynthia: First, I think, is that the bracelets weren’t competing with large, eye-catching necklaces. Bare necks were a big trend. And earrings were a nice complement to the bracelets.
Caroline: Yes, with too many elements, your eye doesn’t know where to look. Those celebs must have used the Blink Test.
Cynthia: Exactly!  
Caroline: I would also think the overall size of one’s arms would make a difference. Most of the looks I’ve seen with the multiple bangles are on well toned arms.
Cynthia: With sleeveless looks in particular, it’s best if the arms are not only well-toned, but also fairly long and slender. Otherwise, multiple bracelets can have a shortening effect.
Caroline: I’ll bet. I think you also need the right clothes to pull that off. It is a look that can survive outside the red carpet?
Cynthia: I think it can be a great look, so long as the sleeves can accommodate it. It’s great with sleeveless, cap, or short sleeves, or the newer elbow-length or three-quarter length sleeves, what is sometimes appropriately called “bracelet-length.”
Caroline: What a great term! I’ll bet a jewelry lover made that one up. For this look, is two bracelets enough? I’ve seen it with many more, but I would think if you have the right two it might be enough.
Cynthia: Two worn together can be a great look. What’s fun is that the wearer can either wear two matching bracelets, maybe by the same designer with different gemstones, or wear two very different bracelets that have some common design elements. Another good look is to wear one wide bracelet and a narrower one.
Caroline: That is good information for those who want to copy this trend in their own style. So, sleeve length is important, arm appearance is important (if sleeveless) and you can adjust the number of bangles. What else should one know before trying this at home — anything to avoid?
Cynthia: One more comment before we get into the nay’s…. if a woman isn’t enamored of her arms, she can wear bracelet-length sleeves and choose two or three narrow bangles. The openness of this look works well even for heavier arms.
Caroline: Smart. So what do we avoid?
Cynthia: One thing to avoid is wearing more than one overly large link-style bracelet. By large, I mean not close-fitting – loose on the wrist. The look of multiple bracelets is easiest to achieve with bangle bracelets.
Caroline: Great! I am off to my jewelry box now so I can be “in vogue” along with everyone else while this trend is hot!

Today’s Jewel

Discuss this trend with your fashion forward customers and see if it fits them. They might need a bracelet or two to finish out the look!

Also make sure you discuss how the constant wearing of multiple bracelets relate to wear and tear on their particular jewelry – perhaps it’s a look they can wear for a short time or only on special occasions.

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