Abandoned California Gold Mine Selling on Craigslist for $225K

Anyone can own a slice of Americana—a 12-acre gold-mining ghost town in northern California—for just $225,000, according to an ad placed on Craigslist.

Complete with a bar and liquor license, the privately owned land parcel in Seneca boasts several small buildings, scenic views along the Feather River, and most of all American history. According to the listing, “Seneca is the real McCoy.” 

Formerly North Fork, the Seneca area hit a major boom in 1851 when gold was discovered in the region. The discovery launched the sleepy hamlet into an explosive mining town that once boasted a dance hall, livery, blacksmith, hotel with solar-heated showers, and an opium den. Primarily built by Chinese immigrants, Seneca’s ore mines were operated by as many as 500 miners at its peak.

Seneca’s most sizable gold nugget found was reportedly 42 ounces and worth $48,000 in 1942—worth around $394,000 today.

The Craigslist deal includes all rights to minerals found on the property and footage on both sides of the Feather River, the primary branch of the Sacramento River, an area that saw a massive influx of prospectors during the 1849 Gold Rush. 

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