Aaura Inc. closes

Gold jewelry manufacturer Aaura Inc. abruptly went out of business Thursday. The Chicago-based company announced the move in a message e-mailed to clients and friends and placed on the company’s Web site. The company had been in business for 23 years.

Aaura filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Feb. 28. The company at the time said the volatility in the price of gold, the weakening of the dollar against the Euro, and a sluggish economy in Italy were among the factors that led to the filing.

The letter issued by the company on Thursday reads:

To our Customers, Suppliers, and Friends…

As of today, September 28th, 2006, Aaura, Inc. will close its doors after 23 years in business. We want to thank our very loyal customers and wish them the best success in the future. We also have tremendous appreciation for our wonderful suppliers for their vision. We would also like to thank our employees — current and past — the unique collective spirit of the staff of Aaura set it apart and made it so distinct.

We worked very hard to bring our customers new and exciting styles. We also tried to have a little fun along the way and we hope that our paths cross again in the future.

If you are located in the Chicago metropolitan area please note that there may be a sale of property plant & equipment including our safes, equipment, scales, computers, showcases, tools and supplies in late October 2006. To receive notice of the sale, email us and include your name, email address, and phone number.

To our fellow Importers and Wholesalers:

During the past several months there have been many companies who have come to our assistance, but a few stand out for going beyond what we would have expected: Vieri SpA, Bob Export, OroVi, Kultho, and D&W. If you are a large volume user of product we encourage you to contact these excellent sources.

To our Customers:

If you are a retailer looking to replace products which you previously purchased from Aaura, we encourage you to contact Aurafin Corporation, HMS Gold, or Beloro. We know these companies will be able to provide you with excellent products and the customer service you have come to expect.

You may still access our website as it appeared as of the date of our closing at

Our business office will remain open for a short period of time to collect the account balances which are outstanding and to receive memo goods. Once the majority of accounts have been collected, the balance will be turned over to the JBT to manage. At that point, past due account balances will also have additional collection fees. If you have a question about your balance and want to contact us, please send an email – or fax to 312.641.6520.