A Year in Color: 7 Jewels for a Bright New 2015

Well, that was quick. It seems like yesterday we were planning our Thanksgiving tables, and just like that, the holidays are over. How do you feel? I know many struggle with this time of year. It’s sort of a letdown, really: the excitement of the holidays that drove us to spend so much energy has now evaporated, leaving us sleepy, and, quite frankly, cold. Winter is magical when the promise of a celebration is attached, but once it’s gone, we’re left with chilly weather and slushy gray snow that we can’t wish away fast enough. If this is how you’re feeling, you’re not at all alone in yearning for sunshine to warm your spirits. I think this is the reason why the stores are now bursting with spring clothes—not to tease us, but to confirm that yes, warmer times are ahead, and don’t forget to buy new short shorts for your island vacation!

But that’s the beauty of jewelry. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, it’s always appropriate. Those island blue turquoise earrings? Not just for the tropics. The brightest pink cocktail ring you can find? Totally works against that January and February slush. As a matter of fact, it’s those cheerful pops of color that I suggest everyone get their hands on now—what’s happier and warmer than bright, electric hues? So to kick  off 2015 in the best way possible, here are 7 of the most beautiful, colorful jewels your customers won’t be able to resist. Why wait for spring and summer when you can just wear the seasons year-round?

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Sutra Gothic blue drop earrings




Spark blue zircon and sapphire pendant




Frederic Sage aquamarine and green tourmaline three-stone ring

Frederic Sage



Jewels by Jacob emerald and diamond necklace

Jewels by Jacob



Rahaminov yellow diamond teardrop pendant

Rahaminov Diamonds



Omi Prive rose gold kunzite cocktail ring

Omi Privé



Royal Jewelry pink sapphire slice drop earrings

Royal Jewelry




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