A Wonderful Whirlwind Day on the LUXURY Show Floor

The second day of LUXURY abounded with sights that were, well, luxurious. Booths were buzzingalways a very happy sight—but I managed to sneak in a few memorable moments with some extraordinary exhibitors who delighted not only me but also the many attendees parading up and down the aisles. (And this time, I made sure to wear very sensible shoes.)

I was honored to spend time visibly drooling over the diamonds abundant at Nader Kash, David Rovinsky, and Sienna & Co., where I was dazzled by a collection of extraordinaryand by extraordinary I mean a $200,000-plus cushion-cut diamond necklace—pieces and a new bridal line. I especially enjoyed an assortment of diamond pendants, particularly those set east-west with cuts like marquise, oval, and emerald. 

My visit with Cherie Dori highlighted what happens when jewelry and technology combine. Owner Shimon Cohen walked me through the company’s popular app, The Vow, which features the Diadori bridal collection. Available for iPhone and Android, The Vow uses GPS to track the nearest Diadori retailer, putting the smartphone owner in contact with a local jeweler—350 of which are currently involved in the program. The app lets the user look through the line’s available styles in different metal types and even in a 3-D rotation, with pictures of the ring on a hand plus  the opportunity to show the ring on the user’s hand (or someone else’s). A cool feature allows the ring to be shared on social media—leading to a number of engagement announcements, as I was told. Cohen attributes the app’s quick success to its targeted advertising: They use Facebook mobile to reach both male and female users ages 20-40 who label themselves as “in a relationship” (where they aren’t already engaged and may need a special something in the future!). Clicking the ad link takes the user directly to the app store.

One of my very favorite visits is always with Yehouda and team at Yael Designs. This year was exceptionally special with the unveling of a new bridal line, Novelique (I shared a sneak peek before showtime). I so enjoyed learning about the line’s inspirations from designer Christine Huber, who worked with Yael in creating the rings; there are bracelets and other jewels on the way, too. I could have chatted the day awayand was so tempted tobut I’m grateful to have had the chance to examine all the super-detailed new engagement rings for even a few moments. If you haven’t had a chance to see the line, make sure you do (and when you’re there, don’t miss all of Yael’s color-bursting jewels). The designs are simple enough to be timeless and pleasing to most brides-to-be, but also full of worldly inspirations and design twists such as floral etching and whimsical diamond patterns along the bands. The hospitality of the team is a pleasant bonus.

I really liked what I found upon my visit with Alisa, known for its upscale sterling and gold jewelry. With the rise in popularity of yellow gold, the brand is emphasizing the precious metal with its bracelet-heavy collection of jewelry, dominant in 18k yellow gold and paired with sterling silver. A standout was a group of bracelets that appear to be stackers, but actually are single pieces. Diamond accents between 15 and 30 points decorate the designs, with retail prices ranging from approximately $1,200 to $1,800. The combination of metals allows for a reasonable price point, helping retailers to offer yellow gold to customers without breaking the bank.

Finally, I spent some quality time with Artistry Ltd. Since year 1 (well, my year 1), I’ve been enamored of the company’s variety of jewels. This year, it was everything from rose gold and diamonds to cute little motif pieces (I spotted a Hamsa pendant among a group of whimsical looks I’m in love with), plus sea life, flower, and colored gemstone styles. If you can’t find something you love here, I’d be speechless. 

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