A Touch of Platinum: Conni Mainne Launches Line in Sterling With 5% Platinum

Pieces in Conni Mainne’s Moonlight Dreams collection may look like silver, but the metal is anything but ordinary sterling. It is, in fact, sterling silver infused with 5 percent platinum—trademarked Platinaire by A.G. Weindling—though some of developer American Bullion Inc.’s clients, including Mainne, can still manufacture with it.

Created as an alternative to gold, the metal with Patent No. 7118707 has 70 percent platinum by value—a better weight than ordinary sterling silver and increased durability.

“I like the idea of elevating the perceived value of sterling with platinum,” says the Mendocino, Calif.–based Mainne. “It has a bit [of a] chrome cast to it. I also like the way it resists tarnishing.”

Mainne will debut new botanical-themed styles with 18k yellow gold accents at JCK Las Vegas. Suggested retail prices start at $380; here’s a sneak peek at the looks.


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