A Toast to Labor Day and a Cocktail (Ring) Filled Happy Hour

It’s the Friday before a long holiday weekend, so let’s have some fun. I’ve gone through some of my favorite jewelry Q+As to get you into the spirit of Labor Day and highlighted your burning question: What’s everyone drinking for happy hour? Oh, and I threw in some cocktail rings, too, for good measure. Cheers!



Goshwara Rock n Roll ring

“From the first episode, Sex and the City stole my heart…so I would have to say, a Cosmopolitan, please!” —Felicellia Sampson, client/public relations coordinator, Goshwara


Leibish & Co.

Leibish Co ring“[I’m] quite accustomed to single-malt Scotch and would definitely prefer that as my happy hour drink.” —Benji Margolese, marketing and content manager, Leibish & Co.


Nada G

Nada G malak rings“I love to sip a decadent, exotic treat every now and then, and a lychee martini after a long day is just the thing.” —Nada Ghazal, designer, Nada G


Lauren Sigman

Lauren Sigman flower rings “It depends on my mood and location, but I’m always game for a straight-up martini (three olives, please), or a glass of good pinot noir.” —Lauren Sigman, designer, Lauren Sigman


Karin Jamieson Jewelry

Karin Jamieson smoky quartz ring “It’s got to be a dirty martini!” —Karin Jamieson, designer, Karin Jamieson Jewelry

Be sure to read my blog for more about your favorite jewelry brands and designers, and have a happy holiday weekend!

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