A New Wearable That Communicates Through Touch

Ringing, beeping, buzzing. Wearable devices have a multitude of ways to let you know when a call, text, or email is coming in. But Happic, a new wearable from a Hong Kong–based developer Made in Sense, relies solely on nuanced little nudges, delivered through a system of small motors that vibrate in different places around the wristband. 

Users don’t have to look at the screen to see who’s calling—they can program where on their wrist they’d like to be “touched” when preprogrammed contacts call. A user’s spouse, for example, could set off a tiny motor on his or her inner wrist, while unspecified contacts could be programmed to set off an alert on the outer edge of the band. 

The wearable, which is now available for preorder at $199, is compatible with both iOS and Android phones; there’s an accompanying phone app that lets users program in their preferences.

But Happic’s most convincing selling point may be its sophisticated navigation functions. Users walking, driving, riding bikes, or jogging can program a route, and the wristband will tell them by touch—through a series of vibrations rippling right-to-left or left-to-right—where and when to make turns.

We haven’t test-driven the device, but it apparently boasts some sophisticated gesture-based capabilities, too. For one, you can move your hand in a certain direction and your phone’s camera zooms in or out. It also sends photos from your phone “with a flick of the wrist,” according to a press statement.

Because its alerts are touch based, Happic is ideal for people who are hearing and/or visually impaired. The band is water-resistant and features up to seven days of battery life per charge.

“Wearable devices today are sophisticated and constantly evolving,” Made in Sense managing director Gilad Reshef said in the same statement, adding that Happic lets users “communicate through different touching patterns, so it keeps you in touch with those closest to you with feeling—literally.” 

See a short and stylish video about Happic here:

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