A Love Letter to September’s Sapphire, Sprinkled With 18 Sparkling Jewels

Oscar Heyman platinum sapphire ring
Oscar Heyman

I’ve never met a sapphire I didn’t like. The versatility of the precious gemstone is out of this world, spotted everywhere from engagement rings and wedding bands to dramatic drop earrings and cocktail rings. In cabochon or slice form, faceted or rough, the heavenly blue stone stands alone in its many, many looks, not to mention its range of colors.

Parle Jewelry Designs Galaxy sapphire engagement ring
Parlé Jewelry Designs


Kirk Kara Charlotte sapphire engagement set
Kirk Kara

Coast Diamond halo sapphire statement ring
Coast Diamond

Omi Prive sapphire halo diamond engagement ring
Omi Privé

Perhaps one of the most instantly recognized sapphire engagement rings adorned the left hand of Princess Diana, and has since been passed to her son’s wife, the lovely, often obsessed-over Duchess Kate. A hard gemstone that can bear the rough and tough wear of daily activities, sapphire is uber popular in wedding rings, as an eye-catching center stone or as a hint of color in the form of side stones (I myself have sapphire accents in my engagement ring). The sapphire is said to have healing powers—often found on those evil eye protection jewels we’ve been talking about—and are thought to safeguard the wearer, a perfect stone to give to the one you love. I had to rein myself in with how many to highlight above. There are so many choices, so many designers with fantastic takes on sapphires in bridal. I imagine it’s just too beautiful a combination to not want to design.

Miiori NY natural sapphire drop earrings
Miiori NY

Jewels by Jacob sapphire and diamond necklace
Jewels by Jacob

Sethi Couture sapphire Art Deco drop earrings
Sethi Couture

Facet Barcelona Bird's Nest sapphire ring
Facet Barcelona

Clients need not be on the hunt for bridal jewelry to appreciate the romance of the sapphire. In its most popular form, its deep, rich blue hues evoke a feeling of luxury, royalty, and all-around class. It’s a popular choice for weddings, yes; the bride’s something blue or a guest’s ode to romance through accessory. It’s velvety smooth, soothing to the eye, and never, ever clashes with skin tones or apparel. It’s everyone’s gemstone, not just for September babies.

Temple St. Clair double ring multicolor sapphire earrings
Temple St. Clair


Omi Prive padparadscha sapphire and diamond ring
Omi Privé

Yvel multicolor sapphire stone bracelet

Miiori NY multicolor sapphire two-finger ring
Miiori NY

The style chameleon that it is, sapphire is available in various hues—and not just of the blue variety. Fancy color sapphires, typically found in shades of yellow, pink, orange, green, and the incredible powdery-pink to bubble gum hues of one I most recently became familiar with thanks to Omi Privé‘s stunning work, the padparadscha. Often, the fancy color sapphires are found in groups, creating rainbow jewels irresistable to those craving color. Who could say no to that?

Dilamani Designs sapphire slice earrings
Dilamani Designs


B.A. Gold triple cabochon sapphire ring
B.A. Gold


Khushboo pink sapphire slice drop earrings


Russell Jones sapphire slice necklace
Russell Jones

Another point for sapphire: It need not dress up to impress us. We love it unfaceted, rough, in slices, rose-cut, pretty much in all of its made-under glory. It still manages to be luminescent, despite imperfections, scratches, striations—natural beauty at its best. It’s popularly spotted in cabochon form, with a smooth, glowing surface and mesmerizing color.

Ivanka Trump Patras blue sapphire earrings
Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry

There’s a bevy of sapphire varieties I didn’t even dig into, at least this time around. Ceylon, star sapphires, color change—and have you ever seen a trapiche sapphire? The list goes on and on. But no matter its form, sapphire stays true to its beauty and rich, lively appearance. This is why we love it, why it will continue to dominate your showcases, why customers time and time again fall in love and walk out those doors with another new piece, regardless of how many sapphires they have in their collections. Sapphire, we love you. And based on how darn fabulous you make us look and feel, I think it’s safe to say you love us right back.

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